PS. Please email or call the above phone number and we will get back to you with your questions answered the best we can.  Again thank you for interest in the many projects. We hope that we can build something truly unique just for you.

Thank you for your interest in Montana Metal Works & Signs and what we have to offer. As you have already learned if you have looked at the photo gallery we can do a number of projects to suit your needs. We get many requests for projects and we will try to explain here how we figure out what to charge.

In doing signs we have to charge a minimum fee of $65.00 to design your special sign or project needs. How ever this does not mean that I can make numerous changes on your drawing for this amount. Two changes is the most we generally allow.  I am similar to a architect or landscape design firm. First we have to come up with an idea of how it will look and then we have to build it on the computer. Then we will send you a design idea and we will probably go back and forth a few times. I will communicate with you through email or by phone so we will have a clear idea of what you want. This will help us come to an agreement so that you will be happy with your order. Sometimes we will even send you a digital picture of our progress depending on the size of the project so that you can feel more comfortable with how we are coming along on your particular project. 

Then we will settle on what the price should be. One thing that has been a big factor in our prices is the price of steel. It has gone up so dramatically in the last few years. We also factor in the cost of powder coating. (We do all our own powder coating in house.) For those of you who don't know what powder coating is. It is a baked on finish that is much more durable than paint. Sometimes we get a customer request for more colors on the sign and we can do that with an extra charge. Usually around a  $50.00 dollar charge for each color. Another thing to consider is special brackets too. We have to take into account for how the structure will be attached to the item and build something for that. 

We hope this will give you somewhat of an idea as to how we charge for building your project. Thank you for the inquiry and have a great day. We hope that we can be of service to you.

-On a further note we can come to your site and build your sign structure too. We have a moble welder for your convenience.

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