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I am getting more calls for signs for the home and business. I have numerous examples. I usually charge a standard price of around $100 for a sign depending on size and work going into the sign. Shipping and handling will cost you extra depending on where you live. Feel free to look through the examples that I have on here. I can mix and match or use your photo or logo together with these samples. The fonts are many examples I have and if you don't like any of these and you have a favorite let me know.
I charge by the square footage and any extra work that I might have to put in to the sign. (Such as 3D'ing some of the letters.) The standard fee of $65.00 is not unusual. This is not any different than an Architect who is designing your house or landscape. I have to spend computer time designing and that takes me away from doing work in the shop for the paying customers. I hope that looking through many of the examples in the Photo Gallery, silhouettes, and the fonts that this will help you in deciding on your unique metal sign.