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Please read this before ordering.


The sign just arrived.  Absolutely PERFECT.  It's almost too pretty to put

Thanks so much.  Again, it will be a while, but we will send you a picture
when we get it in place up on our property.


PS  That's the best packaging/crating job I've ever seen!  Even the UPS guy was impressed.

Other references and phone numbers apon request


Just wanted to let you know the signs arrived and look fantastic.  They came out perfectly - I couldn't have asked for a better or nicer sign.  Everything about them is just great - we'll be putting them up soon and will send you some pictures.  Thanks again for being so patient and for the great job you did in producing absolutely great signs.

Pete and I are working on the interior sign and will send you a sketch/drawing for the interior sign.

Thanks again,
Stephen P. Sands, CEO
Capital Food Partners, LLC
Culinaria Cooking School
I know Stephen has already written you, but I also want to thank you for the amazing work you did on our sign! It arrived in perfect condition, what a great job you did on the packaging! You really are a true metal artist!

Thanks again!
Peter M. Snaith
Executive Vice President
Capital Food Partners, LLC
Culinaria Cooking School